Author: Matt Rutherford

Review : Hot Rox Hand Warmers

Spending a day on a shooting ground can be a chilly affair, especially on your hands. No matter how many layers of clothing you wear, you can only really get one glove on each hand! So, even if you do feel comfortable shooting in gloves you can start to get cold hands and numb fingers on a cold day. Over recent years, I have tried a variety of solutions. From disposable through to fuel burning hand warmers, and whilst they have had some good results the whole fuss of topping up with fuel is something I can do without...

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Shoot Report : GB COMPAK Selection, Hornet SG, March 15th and 16th

This weekend saw the first FITASC GB Selection Shoot of 2014 – as the exciting discipline of COMPAK arrived at Hornet Shooting Ground in Thame for 4 layouts of 25 targets. Hornet looked fantastic in the spring sunlight, with the clubhouse buzzing with excitement both days, and the ground decked out in Union Flags and bunting.  The FITASC GB committee have put together a number of flash prizes to be won this season, with more being added all the time – so there was a table laden with goodies donated by FITASC GB supporters. The 4 layouts were almost in...

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Review : Pigeon Power Cartridges from Lyalvale Express

The team at Lyalvale Express have released a new load designed specifically for pigeon shooters, packaged in new look branding that signals a modern approach for the Staffordshire based company.  Guest writer, Drennan Kenderdine of took the shells out in the field for a thorough test.   Pigeon Power – Out of the box Firstly let’s give hats off to Express for making a field shell that has given due consideration to  the Semi-Automatic shooters of the world,  proving again that it listens to what its customers want. Pigeon Power, with its 70mm case, is a breath of...

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Shoot visits… Arras Ball Trap, France

After taking a few trips abroad to shoot at the major events, I’m becoming more confident about travelling to shoot – so I decided to test the water just across the channel and shoot a COMPAK competition at Arras Ball Trap in Northern France. After a quick jaunt across the channel on Friday evening and a day spent with family in Lille, I made the journey down to the ground on Sunday morning for a 10.30 start.  We had a beautiful sunny day, with clear blue skies and just a light breeze. Arras has plenty of hotel and leisure...

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Stratstone Super Seven Challenge – report and pictures

(Final Scores and Photos below) John Heagren – the senior instructor at Bisley Shooting Ground has emerged  victorious, after a tense final showdown at the Stratstone Super Seven Challenge – walking away with the use of a Morgan Plus Four for the next six months provided by sponsors Stratstone.  With a brilliant final score of 18ex25 – John had tied with Ed Solomons which lead to a final shoot-off where John managed 15ex20 and  Ed  7ex20.   With a stiff cross wind, and bright sunshine, it was clear that to win the sports car outright with a 23 or...

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Review : Tirovesti Seamless Polo Shirts

This is another of those ideas that you hear, and wonder why this hasn’t been a product that has been around for years. Whilst Clay Shooters invest a lot of money in systems, pads, shells and clothing that reduce the impact of recoil – there is one item that can generate most of the issues with felt recoil.  Most shooters wear some kind of poloshirt or baselayer, and for some the seams of the shirt often run right across the area of skin where the stock sits, causing potential chafing or rubbing to the shoulder.   Tirovesti are a...

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