This is part two of our security series – last time we looked at Choosing a Gun Safe with our friends at DJS Products – they’ve joined us again to help us with advice on how to fit your new safe before that all important Firearms Licensing Office visit where they will want to check you have things right.

Locating and then fixing your Shotgun safe is an important process – you need to keep the safe inconspicuous and deter thieves – it’s no good having a great gun safe that can be prised off the wall and stolen with your beloved gun inside.  The  ShootClay team make these recommendations:

  • Choose an inconspicuous place – an office, understairs cupboard or inside a wardrobe. Not in a garage or outhouse/shed.
  • Fix the safe to a solid wall – and if possible to the floorboards as well – an attic could also suffice.
  • Aim to get the cabinet in a corner – to minimise thieves ‘levering’ the safe from the wall.
  • Remove Skirting boards so that the safe fits flush to the wall – again to prevent crowbars from getting behind the safe.
  • Use rawlbolts for a strong fix – and for less solid walls checkout resin fixings

We asked Peter Barrett at DJS for his advice on fitting:

“Firearms Officers will usually insist that the safe be fixed securely to a solid masonry wall, NOT in a garage or outbuilding. Fitting in lofts is normally acceptable, DJS can supply a pack of fixing bolts for masonry but coachbolts would be needed if attaching to rafters”

In the final part of our security specials – we’ll talk about transporting your gun.

Standard Disclaimer – As with all security information – we’re not lawyers or policeman – so if you have any questions, contact your local Firearms Officer who will be happy to advise you.