Victoria Lacks is the founder of, a brand new website exclusively for women, which has the key aim of encouraging more women into the sport and being the place for experienced Lady Guns to meet, get involved and talk all things shooting. (ShootClay ed – Ladies should definitely check Victorias great site out, an excellent resource and community for lady shooters)

Picture Courtesy of Graham Woodman

For beginners the world of shooting can appear to be intimidating and even daunting one, particularly for a brand new Lady Shot.  The wealthy Landowner preconceptions perhaps, the distinct lack of female participants, the prospect of being responsible for a highly dangerous and often very expensive firearm and of course choosing the right outfit and getting the look right…

Girls may be familiar with the panicked feeling as you realise you don’t have a suitable outfit? Fear not, help is at hand and we help you navigate the ‘what to wear minefield’ in a few easy steps.

Firstly you need to scope out what kind of day it will be, will you be attending a lesson, a charity event , competition, or perhaps something else? Make enquiries either via the Clubs website if there is one, or from the person that invited you as to what kind of day it will be.  One thing you don’t want to do is turn up dressed head to toe in your game shooting best, although you may look stunning dressed solely in tweed, clay shooting isn’t the place for it and is therefore a real no no. Although Clay Shooting is definitely more friendly and accepting than Game shooting, you don’t really want to get off on the wrong foot and be appear naive. The aim is to wow with your shooting and look like a pro at the same time. Generally men will wear t shirts and jeans to clay shoots and not make anywhere near as much of an effort as they do whilst game shooting, we don’t want to fall into that category either, so how do you achieve the ultimate look, without going overboard?

To buy a brand new clay shooting wardrobe you will need a few key pieces.  First up the absolute staple is the shooting vest, depending on how you want you look there are many on the market designed especially for the female form, most of which are tailored in at the waist and are generally more flattering of your figure. loves this selection, which are (left to right) Musto, Beretta and Browning. All ladylike and stylish in their own right, whilst remaining practical and suitable for the task in hand.

What you choose to wear under your vest is entirely down to you, (by this I’m not saying it’s acceptable to wear your pyjama top!). The majority of it will be hidden, however wear something half decent/ respectable as chances are you may take it off if you’re going into the Club House after.

Some clubs will insist you wear eye protection, you don’t necessarily have to wear the standard clay shooting specs, which let’s be honest aren’t the most stylish. Your own sunglasses will suffice as long as they’re not too dark – remember you need to see your target!

Top half done, so what should you wear on your legs? That depends on the type of clay shoot you’re attending. If you’re out in a field it maybe a good idea to wear wellingtons, we particularly love our Hunter wellies teamed with dark skinny jeans. There really are no set rules as to what you should wear on your legs whilst clay shooting, in the height of summer some ladies prefer to wear shorts, with a sturdy pair of short boots. It is smart to wear sensible and sturdy footwear, after all you are handling a shotgun and therefore need to be steady on your feet. That said there is nothing stopping you wearing a skirt should it be a hot day – just make sure it’s not a mini as your shooting won’t be the only thing you’re remembered for!

Don’t let the objective of the day become a blur, you’re out to have a great time and particpate in this wonderful sport. If you don’t have a spare £60 to buy a brand new shooting vest, don’t worry, use your powers of persuasion and get someone to lend you one. Make sure you have fun, look your best and kick some butt, oh and don’t forget to visit!