This news reached us through the ShootClay Forum (if you haven’t checked it – it is highly recommended), and it looks like a great fun event.

The Teal Challenge at Grange Farm Sporting Clays – possibly inspired by George Digweeds recent exploits at the Bisley Live event – looks to challenge the long range clay shooters amongst you.

Just £2 will get you 5 attempts to shoot a standard clay target presented as a teal from marked distances between 85 and 135 yards. £1 from each entry will go into a prize pot for the shooter that breaks the target at the longest distance at the Grange Farm Christmas shoot on December 27th.

  • The maximum load will be 36gram – maximum shot size 5
  • All targets will be presented as singles with full use of the gun (2 shots for semi-auto and pump action guns)

We heard from Adam at Grange Farm who said : “Set this up yesterday and from 120+ yards it’s a bloody small target!”

Sounds like great fun – and I think there is already a plan to organise a ShootClay outing to give this a go before Christmas!

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