As the 2013 Clay Shooting season starts to unroll, we’ve chosen some shooters we will be keeping an eye on over the season to see how they progress.

The second of our tips for 2013 is Natasha Lovell who has been making waves by being accepted on to the Clay Shooting Success Elite training programme supported by Phil Coley and Ben Husthwaite.

I caught up with Natasha to find out a little bit about her – and what targets she has for the 2013 season.

ShootClay : Natasha – thanks for taking time to talk to ShootClay – let’s start by finding out a little bit about how you got started with clay shooting?

Natasha Lovell : It all began in 2010 when I was beating on a local pheasant shoot when i was asked if i would like to shoot on the beaters day. To this I said yes and informed my grandfather that i wanted to shoot, he organised and few lessons with an established clay shooter, Richard Chapple to get a feel or firing a gun. It was then that my family noticed that i had potential and i haven’t looked back since.

SC : Where do you usually shoot?

NL : Some of my favourite places to shoot are at my local grounds such as the South West Shooting School, North Devon Shooting Ground and Blue Fox Glade. All of these grounds have been really welcoming and helpful I have also enjoy venturing up to Wylye Valley and Southern Counties for competitions. Ian Coleys also has to be in there as it is such a lovely set up and of course the Elite Academy Base.

IMG_5250SC : What have been your key achievements so far?

NL : My first, and one of my favourite achievements has to be making the Devon Sporting Junior Team in 2011. This is where I really started to believe in myself and my hunger for success began.

2012 was a very big year for me as I gained the first place in the Elite Shooting Academy with Ben Husthwaite and Phil Coley, I also won my first big title, the British Hull 21grm Ladies Champion. Of course gaining sponsorship from Gamebore Cartridges is a great achievement to add!

SC : Looking forward what are your goals or aims for the 2013 season?

NL : This year I am aiming to win 1st place in the schools challenge to add to my 2nd and 3rd from last year. I would also like to retain my title as Devon Ladies champion and hopefully get the title for the South West. I would also like to gain a place in the England team.

SC : Is there a specific area of your shooting that you will be focusing on during the season, what have you and your coach been working on during the winter break?

NL : Phil (Coley) has been helping me create a proper mental routine and we have been focusing on my concentration and emotions whilst shooting, whereas Ben has been helping me technically with my hold points and movement.  Both of these things will be on my priority list to get right this season. I am also going to be paying more attention to Olympic Skeet under the watchful eye of David Dale from Bisley with a view to competing at the highest level.

SC : What’s your equipment setup going to be for the 2013 season?

NL : I will continue to use my Berretta Prevail SV10 12g. This year I will be using Gamebore Cartridges as I am now kindly sponsored by them, I have tried a number of different cartridges but have found the Gamebore 24gm Evo’s most suitable for me with their great performance and low recoil.  Gamebore have also generously sorted me out with some new t-shirts and vest which fit me properly!

As I am fairly new to the sport I am willing to try any products that could possibly improve my performance or reduce costs and I will consider any sponsorship offers that may be forthcoming, being a full time student at Exeter College means that covering the cost of my shooting is very difficult.

SC : Which shoot are you most looking forward to taking part in during the 2013 season?

NL : I am really looking forward to shooting The Schools Challenge because it is so much fun and it is really lovely seeing all the younger children taking part.  I’m also excited to take part in the EJ Churchill competition as I have never shot that one before and generally just excited to go to new places and get some more experience under my belt.

SC : And which shoot would you most like to win in 2013?

NL : The E J Churchill Classic

SC : Final question – if you could build you dream squad to shoot a major competition with – who would you shoot with?

  • Ben Husthwaite and George Digweed – As they are the best you can get!
  • Phil Coley – As our mental guru (to keep me sain putting up with Ben!)
  • Becky Bream – For some female company and to keep the boys in place.
  • And last but not least Alan Lovell (my dad) – for putting up with me and being so dedicated, being my biggest fan and the support he gives me… financially as well!

SC : Natasha, many thanks for spending some time with us, we’re wishing you much luck for 2013 and we’ll be cheering you on the whole way!