Sometimes you come across an idea so simple you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. My Clay Shooting Record is exactly that, but it’s been so well executed that I can see this becoming an essential part of every clay shooters armoury of preparation and analysis.

My Clay Shooting Record is a simple to use, record keeping school that allows you to upload your Clay Shooting scores and use some simple tools to analyse strengths and opportunities in your shooting. Once you understand that, the site will allow you to focus on HOW to improve on the opportunities, with exclusive coaching and support content from some of the top shooters.  With Ben Husthwaite, Mark Marshall, Phil Coley and Dave Beardsmore already on the rosta, you know that this is going to be quality material.

After a simple & free sign-up process, the onscreen instructions guide you to build a profile & upload your scorecards. There is also a free to use mobile app which allows you to do that on the move.

You can select your discipline, and build a scorecard that records your weakspots and targets that you feel need improvement. You can log your focus, mental attitude and notes on the ground, the weather and type of shoot. You can even upload an image, maybe a scorecard or a particular stand or target that caught you out.

As your scorecards build up, you can see a dashboard of scores and trends & reports to support your analysis.

There has been some significant development effort built into this website, and I’m confident that many will find this a useful aide to training and development.

I’m pleased to announce that ShootClay Forum will host the technical support community for My Clay Shooting Record, and our members have already been involved in testing and feeding back on the application. You can find our dedicated sub-forum here.

Check the trailer for more details or log in to create a free account and get started.