This is another of those ideas that you hear, and wonder why this hasn’t been a product that has been around for years.

Whilst Clay Shooters invest a lot of money in systems, pads, shells and clothing that reduce the impact of recoil – there is one item that can generate most of the issues with felt recoil.  Most shooters wear some kind of poloshirt or baselayer, and for some the seams of the shirt often run right across the area of skin where the stock sits, causing potential chafing or rubbing to the shoulder.


Tirovesti are a UK company run by Trap Shooter Jake Keeling looking to address this – with a range of seamless performance clothing that prevents any possibility of soreness caused by recoil.  They sent me one of their Tirovesti Seamless Polos to try.

First impression for me is of a really nice quality product – the polo shirt is 100% cotton and very lightweight, with a good comfortable fit. I have a 52 inch chest, so the 3XL fits really nicely, with a soft collar – embroidered with the Tirovesti logo.  The fit around the shoulders is excellent, obviously with no seam – but cut well to allow free movement of shoulders for shooting. And the sleeves do not have any ribbing on them, so there is none of the regular ‘gripping’ that happens around your forearm when shooting.  The attention to detail is superb, and it is clear these products have been designed by shooters, with shooters in mind.

I wore this with a merino baselayer underneath on a cold day,  and the shirt looked excellent – the good cut and high quality material make this a nice piece to wear. The polo is very comfortable and looks as good in the Clubhouse as out on the range. The lightweight cotton will make this a favourite in the summer months as well.

Tirovesti have supplemented their range with some BaseLayertops as well as some nice T-Shirts – all with this unique seamless design.  They carry the Tirovesti logo, subtly embroidered or printed  and come in the signature Dark Blue or White for the baselayers.

Overall – this is a high quality product, and one I’m really happy to see on the market from a UK shooter.

You can find the full range of Tirovesti apparel at their website here.