Worn by the likes of George Digweed, Ben Husthwaite and Vincent Hancock to name but a few, Pilla Performance Eyewear have become quite an authority in the sport of shooting.

Their goal is simple, by using cutting edge technology and materials they strive to offer superior clarity, sun protection and high contrast to aid perception and depth of field.  All this reduces eye-fatigue and can increase focus and concentration.

The ShootClay team were excited

 when the latest Frame from the HiDef Spex range came through the post.  The Hawk 3 Lens Set has been specifically designed for the clay shooter.  The Ballistx lenses are lighter and offer more protection than polycarbonate  alternatives.

The zipped case makes a good job of securing all of the kit.  Once opened you get a real sense of quality.

Attached to the frame is a 50. Sitting well protected and next to the frame is the 25 and 75 lenses.  These figures refer to the light transmission.  25 for low-light conditions and enhancing orange clays, 50 for overcast days to help give a little contrast and 75 for those days we love out in the sun. Changing the lenses is a very simple process, effectively there are three poppers, two at each end and one in the middle.

Also provided is a cleaning pouch and also a cleaning cloth.  The pouch being handy if you don’t intend on swapping the lenses and prefer to travel light.

The key thing that I look for and that contributed to the demise of my previous shooting glasses is the area of visibility above the bridge of my nose, often restricting my line of sight along the rib.  I’m pleased to say that from the nose pad to the top of the Hawk just out of my vision, was nothing.  No distractions and therefore unfortunately no more excuses for my un-broken clays.

The only niggle I could find was that I had trouble with the nose pads, and to be honest they felt more like a nose clip that pinched rather than just perching on my nose.  They are however adjustable and I’m sure given some time I will be able to adjust them to the perfect fit.

Overall the lightweight frame and great clarity add to the style and make a fantastic offering that is recommended by the ShootClay team.

For full details please visit the international website

For UK orders and enquires, please contact the very helpful chaps here or contact them on 01202 880300