Another week – and my second CPSA registered shoot -in fact the whole ShootClay team were booked in for the new (monthly) evening CPSA shoot at EJ Churchill in High Wycombe.  We’re still finding our way around these CPSA level shoots – and getting used to the presentations.   Thursday was a beautiful spring evening, and we rolled into the ground at about 5.30 – just the thing after a day in the office.  EJ Churchill is situated between J4 and J5 of the M40 (Bing Map here), and is well-known for being a beautiful well-equipped ground.  They are currently extending the club house, which will have an enlarged retail space – but despite the works the place is beautifully presented.  We booked on and geared up for our 100 bird English Sporting.

The 10 stands were all manned – no caddies at EJ Churchill today – and they made a note of your score at each stand, as well as completing your card. The stands were clearly signposted and made great use of the expansive grounds.  We started with crossers, first L/R looper and then a floppy R/L – nice to start with something achievable. Stand 2 was a real livener – a going away, edge on and as straight as a dye – followed by a tricky chondel L/R – very high and easily missable. Stand 3 was back to crossers – a L/R first followed by a higher R/L, slightly quartering and arcing away – tricky to find the right kill point and lead. Stand 4 was two driven from the (very) high tower – a midi, then a standard. Stand 5 was a gentle teal followed by a long-range L/R looper that arc’ed back in on itself.

Halfway round – some tricky stands and into the multisports part of the Churchill set up.

Stand 6 was a rabbit – followed by a quick, low right/left bird that could easily beat you for speed. Seven was a low and straight going away, followed by a quick incoming bird – my favourite stand of the day, and my best score! Stand eight was a tricky left to right sim pair, that flew into a bank – requiring the first bird to be taken early to give you enough chance to catch the second.  Stand nine was a right to left overheard with a high right to left looper and we finished the day with a fast right to left that was almost from position 4 at skeet and a final incoming bird over a bank.

It was a nicely set up round – and there are some very good scores posted – my CPSA education continues and I’m pleased I scored 8 higher than my first run out at A1SG two weeks ago.  The sunshine and warmth of a lovely spring day certainy made the difference.

As for the EJ Churchill ground – we’ve shot there before, and we’ll try and shoot there as much as we can going forward – it is a marvellous set-up with loads of interesting presentations. The usual comment is that it’s too expensive, but the CPSA registered evening shoot is £30 (which is a great price) and the weeknight shoots they are laying on through the summer are very reasonably priced. You’ll definitely see the ShootClay team there again.