Today the ShootClay team have cast their net a little wider and bring you a Shoot Review from mainland Europe. One of our forum members Glen Presley now lives in Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands and has started shooting in both countries.  It’s great to get his opinions on the forum, where the differences between shooting in Europe and the UK become different, and he was kind enough to give us a great review of the shooting ground he has chosen to use and enter his first events at. We’ve since heard that Glen has started to win in the regular Compak events they have, and so he’s representing for GBR in Holland on a regular basis.

Over to Glen for his report from Holland:

Last Sunday I made the 1 hour trip from Aachen, Germany over the border into Holland to this beautiful little ground situated on the edge of the Town called Weert. Exactly a one hour drive means I left at 10am, arrived at 11am. Then left at 2pm back home at 3pm – perfect!

I was amazed at how much there was on offer at this little ground. Sportrap or Compact, Sporting, Skeet, Fitasc, DTL, ABT are just some of the different variation on offer. They also have a small rifle range and hand gun shooting!

The clubhouse is like a large pub but the little lodge house was very warm and cosy and the centre point was of course ‘the Bar’.  For practise it was great because all the layouts had the different targets represented with letters, you were given a type of claymate box, however this was on a frequency channel which you logged into for each layout,  which was clearly marked and then away you went!

In terms of targets there was everything from easy incomers and going away targets for beginners, to harder targets crossing and some towers.  The scenery was not the best but for practise you could shoot every type of target that you wanted. I shot 100 targets at a cost of 36€ which is not far off most grounds.

However the facilities as you will see are pretty good to some of the grounds back home who even charge more!

Website for the ground is here :

A couple of videos from the shoot – and the a gallery which shows off just how well appointed the ground is:

Wildenberg 1

Wildenberg 2