How would you like to have a Clay Shooting Coach in your pocket?  What about some Clay Coaching you can read whilst travelling?  How about at Clay Shooting coach on your phone or iPad?

Clay Shooting for Beginners and Enthusiasts by John King, is now available as a Kindle E-Book, direct from Amazon.  When we reviewed Johns book, we found it to be an excellent companion and reference book for new and experienced shooters – to see it updated to an e-book format is an excellent development. The e-book version is £6.99 in the UK / $9.99 in the US.

Kindle Books can be read on PC’s, Macs, iPhones & iPads, Android phones, Blackberries and Windows Phones – as well, of course, as the Amazon Kindle device.

We’ll be grabbing a Kindle copy of Johns excellent book to compliment our hardback copy – that way we can even refer to it out on the Shooting Ground if we need some help.

Full details on this PDF : Clay Shooting for Beginners and Enthusiasts by John King

Amazon Link to the E-Book : Clay Shooting for Beginners and Enthusiasts (UK) / US Version here