Long time friend of ShootClay – and my shooting coach – John King, is releasing another book, Game Shooting from Scratch. ShootClay will be reviewing the book on it’s release – but here are the important first details.

Game Shooting from Scratch promises to be a first in many ways; the first book on Game Shooting to be published in Britain for many years, a first in that it presents the various types of modern game shooting currently taking place in Britain and finally describing a typical formal ‘driven’ game shooting day in comprehensive but simple detail.

The theme throughout the chapters mirrors the programme followed by the many hundreds of pupils introduced and coached by John King in preparation for their game shooting.

Each chapter takes the pupil through a series of typical game shooting lessons with great emphasis on safety and correct etiquette in the shooting field. The techniques explained in the lessons are supported with great clarity by professionally produced diagrams.

The lessons chapters will be of equal worth to beginners and experienced shots alike. The experienced shots will particularly appreciate the tips about how to cope with challenges of driven Pheasant and Partridge shooting including mastering the ‘high birds’.

Other chapters cover topics ranging from a typical formal driven day as a participating gun, shooting safety and the final chapter treats the reader to a variety of mouth watering, game recipes provided by John’s local game cooking expert.

The author John King said:

When writing the book, as with my other shooting titles, I’ve ensured jargon and common terminology are introduced and explained in a friendly relaxed style – in the same manner I would when coaching face-to-face.

“British Game Shooting is such an exciting sport and I feel privileged to have coached so many involved. From those tens of thousands of lessons, I have learnt so much, which has in turn enabled me to write this book. I hope it will be a valid addition to all the libraries of field sports followers.”

The book will be available for purchase at www.johnkingcoaching.com.