Every so often a writer gets a whiff of something that could really change the game, a result or a scoop – or maybe a piece of technology and an idea that will make a difference to the way we think about learning to shoot clays.

Tru-Shot could well be one of those moments – a camera & recorder pairing that will enable a Clay Shooter (of any discipline) to record themselves shooting, and see exactly where and when they pulled the trigger against the path of the target.  It’s a simple concept, but one that requires some pretty high-tech kit, and some shooting know-how to make it work together.  The brains behind the project are Dennis Stepney, a well-known shot, instructor AND gunsmith and Adam Twine who has 30 years of shooting experience, including at OT.

Weve been speaking to the guys about their product and some of the ideas they hope will ensure Tru-Shot becomes an established name in Clay Shooting training & coaching.

The team at ShootClay are really excited about getting their hands on this, in a couple of weeks we’ll be running a full test and putting together a review for the site – in the meantime, you can see an overview and a great introduction video over at the freshly launched Tru-Shot website.