If you are starting out Clay Shooting in the UK – then you’ll probably be thinking about applying for your Shotgun Certificate (read our handy guide here) – one of the prerequisites for your SGC approval is the fitting of an appropriate safe to ensure that your gun is installed securely. When you start searching you’ll find a wide range of gun safe shapes and sizes – and an even greater number of British Standards and Security Levels that the safes adhere to, but which is the right cabinet for you – and what is the essential British Standard you need?

We asked Pete Barrett of DJS Gun Cabinets to give us some guidance on choosing the right cabinet, and what you should look out for:

“Selecting a suitable cabinet depends upon the number and type of guns to be stored, whether they be shotguns, rifles or a combination of both. DJS Gun Cabinets are built and tested to BS 7558 1992. By law, an internal locking top or separate safe will be needed to store firearms ammunition. Our extra deep cabinets are designed to store rifles with scopes, we provide a wooden space bar to put between the foam rubber dividers and the cabinet wall. This keeps the scopes from knocking against the rear of the cabinet. Prices start at around £100 delivered, see our web-site.”

So there you have it – our advice on top is to go for a cabinet that gives you the option to store 3 or 4 guns – then if you are upgrading, or you fancy a second gun for yourself or the family – then you have some options.  We’re also a big fan of getting the internal lockable section – which gives you extra space for storing any other valuables that you have left in the house (especially if you have no other safe) – alongside your ammunition if you are applying for an FAC.

In our next part, we’ll look at how you should fit your gun cabinet.

Standard Disclaimer – As with all security information – we’re not lawyers or policeman – so if you have any questions, contact your local Firearms Officer who will be happy to advise you.