Well, Team ShootClay are halfway through the competition – and we’re not last at the moment – which is a good start! Weather today warmed up, but a stuff gusty breeze also arrived which made some of the layouts particularly challenging.

Today was our afternoon rotation, so we started at around 12.00 – I shot the Browning layout first with the breeze coming into our faces for most of the pegs, once again there were some testing crossers, with tricky fades and lines made to deceive. I really struggled on a few of the very fast crossers, highlighting the need for good starting positions for feet and gun hold, it’s all a learning experience!

Second Layout of the day for me was the Felinsol layout that Bob shot on Day one, the exposed parcours over a reservoir was really testing and a lot of shots got dropped across my squad on all four pegs. There was a lovely pair of overhead birds that couldn’t be shot as driven, but really begged for that shot, the limit on gun movement made them and interesting over the shoulder sim-pair to finish the peg. The corner of the lake was full of curling crossers and a high chondel which was pushed towards the hoop on the wind.

Bob shot the testing Kreighoff layout with a going away rabbit that was easily missed, and the Melior layout with plenty of shots below your feet as the parcours is set on the high ridge I shot on the first day.

Despite the winds, there are some monster scores going up on the board – George Digweed straighted two parcours today, to sit on 97ex100 at the halfway point, one shot behind Virgilijus Grybe from Lithuania.  Other notable scores are Mark Winser on 97ex100, Martin Papworth on 96ex100 with Christophe Auvret. Ben Husthwaite, Mark Marshall and Tony Manvell are on 95ex100 and Ed Solomons, John Bidwell and Phil Gray are on 94.

Full score lists are available here : Euro FITASC – Day Two Results