Day three of the competition, and as the temperature reached into the mid 30’s, the scores started to rise and the leaderboard has started to see some familiar names toward the top.

Team ShootClay tackled its third day, I (Matt) had the Hull parcours first, set close to the middle of the of the shooting ground we had a good variety of fast crossing targets that used the terrain well, before opening out into a meadow with a high chondel, left to right rabbit and a curling crosser. Some tricky hoop positions meant getting your hold points and shot selection just right.  After a short break, I moved onto the Melior layout – back up into the hills next to the SG, with some wide open space to play with. My favourite parcours of the day was set over a ravine, a floppy going away target about 40/50 feet below your feet needed quick hands to kill, then a dropping crosser from right to left into the valley, and a high left to right midi that needed to be taken early lest it ended up about 4 miles away! Lovely terrain and good target setting made this an excellent line.

Bob tackled Promatic and Beretta layouts – and seemed to enjoy himself with 20-somethings for both lines.

Elsewhere – some massive scores started to come in. We chatted to John Bidwell who had dropped one shot on day three, after shooting 50 straight on day two – leaving him three shots off the lead at 143. George Digweed sits on top of the board – on 146, again only one away in the middle two days. Mark Winser is one shot behind on 145, with a clutch of shooters on 144 including Mark Marshall and Chris Daniels. Ben Husthwaite and Christophe Auvret a part of a small pack sitting on 142.

The final day of competitions is tomorrow – with all to play for the top spots – full results so far are here : Euro FITASC – Day Three Results